Providing Safety Solutions at Hard Rock Stadium

Providing Safety Solutions at Hard Rock Stadium

Providing Safety Solutions at Hard Rock Stadium

SecurEvent Solutions is a proud partner with Hard Rock Stadium, located in our hometown of Miami, Florida. This multi-purpose stadium is home to popular teams such as the Miami Dolphins and Miami Hurricanes, along with highly attended events like Formula 1 Miami Grand Prix, Miami Open, and the Orange Bowl. The venue was opened in 1987 and holds 65,326 guests making it the largest stadium in Miami.

Since becoming a trusted partner with Hard Rock in 2021, the SecurEvent Solutions team has been supporting the diverse roster of events held at the venue every year and is continually working to adapt, improve, and deploy multiple services at the facility.

Safety & Security Planning

The collapse of Damar Hamlin, a football safety for the Buffalo Bills of the NFL, at the January 2nd game highlighted the very real importance of the implementation of emergency operations plans. After suffering cardiac arrest during the team’s game against the Bengals, the first responders on the scene quickly enacted the emergency action plan they had in place. The team promptly administered CPR and used an automated external defibrillator to stabilize Hamlin and save his life.

The Buffalo Bills emergency action plan is reviewed and approved before the start of every season and the team is required to practice the plan prior to the season. The NFL runs through its emergency action plan with all its 32 clubs every week and responses for medical situations are rehearsed at the stadiums annually. One hour before every NFL game, the emergency action plan procedures and logistics are run through by the crew, club medical staff, and game day medical personnel. Officials also ensure that ambulances, defibrillators, and other needed equipment are onsite.

This situation proves the importance of having an Emergency Action Plan at not only sporting events, but events such as festivals, conferences, concerts, and more. Medical emergencies can happen anywhere at anytime and if there is not a plan in place for trained staff to follow, the situation could end adversely. As an event planner it is your responsibility to protect the safety of staff and guests and to ensure your team is always prepared for the unexpected.

The SecurEvent Solutions team implemented an emergency operation plan at the Hard Rock Stadium to ensure events held at the stadium had the proper personnel and procedures in place in the case of an emergency.

Safety & Security Management

To have an effective emergency operation plan, every aspect of the staff and guests’ safety must be accounted for, such as security screening procedures, staff training, crowd management plans, and ingress and egress design.

We worked with EvenTech Systems to utilize the OPENGATE® advanced weapon detection system system at staff and player entrances. The proven benefits of the system quickly warranted expanded use at the facility. 45 OPENGATE® units were deployed at the 5 main public entrances.

The final phase of the project with EvenTech consisted of providing an additional 15 OPENGATE® units which resulted in the most efficient and effective screening process Hard Rock Stadium has ever seen.

Providing Safety Solutions at Hard Rock Stadium

This implementation of safety and security management and technology at the facility resulted in a 56% reduction in screening staff required at the events, reduced labor costs, reduced labor time required, and a 55% reduction in the metal detectors required on site.

Safety & Security Support

With this safety and security management in place, having the support to back it up was essential to the overall event security plan. Support our team provided for Hard Rock Stadium events included event managers, gate managers, VIP and executive protection, and a command center.

Compliance Solutions 

Compliance solutions such as Red Team operations and compliance teams were used to test the event security plans, management, and support put in place for internal vulnerabilities. The results from these tests were used to improve the incident response plan as needed.

Providing Safety Solutions at Hard Rock Stadium

Securing a Variety of Events

Our team of security experts at SecurEvent Solutions has experience securing a variety of events and understand that every event is unique. That’s why we build custom security operations that enhance guest experience while maximizing risk mitigation.

Contact our team today for more information about our services!

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