Providing Compliance Solutions for BEST Crowd Management

Providing Compliance Solutions for BEST Crowd Management

Providing Compliance Solutions for BEST Crowd Management

In support of BEST Crowd Managment’s SAFETY Act Application and subsequent designation, SecurEvent Solutions provides robust documentation and compliance solutions for BEST’s venues all around the nation.  The team ensures BEST’s executive management has a real-world view of account performances through Red Team Testing, the production of robust documents, and monitoring the successful implementation of security plans. The project deliverables provided by SecurEvent Solutions include:

  • Red Team Operations
  • 35+ Venues Nationwide
  • Open-Source Intelligence
  • Photo & Video of Key Findings
  • Executive Summary Reports
  • Technical Summary Reports
  • Findings (Business Impact & Risk Calculations)
  • Mitigation Recommendations
  • Target Area Follow Ups

The Importance of Compliance Solutions

Compliance solutions communicate risk assessments for events, ensuring any gaps are quickly discovered and addressed. These solutions also ensure the systems in place are up to date and can effectively mitigate risks. Compliance solutions are made up of three main elements: red team operations, compliance teams, and documentation practices.

Risk Assessments & Mitigation

Assessing event risk is the first and most important step involved in the creation of an event security plan and can only be effective with the implementation of compliance solutions. A focused and targeted risk assessment helps ensure the right processes are put into place for an event to operate safely.

The first step in assessing event risk is to identify present hazards and challenges that will be faced during the event. These can consist of human hazards such as the type and size of the crowd, technological hazards such as utilities needed for the event, natural hazards such as location of the site, and environmental hazards such as weather patterns. Once these hazards are identified, the level of risk each one poses must be assessed. This will help in determining how much time and effort should be devoted to preventing and addressing each hazard.

After identifying the present risks, strategies must be implemented to eliminate, reduce, and mitigate the risks. This can be done by implementing new or updated processes and procedures into the events security plan. These processes could include elimination, substitution, or engineering of a risk depending on the level of risk it proposes. It is also important to take into account emergency situations that could arise at the event and ensure there is a response to each situation put into place.

Working with compliance teams to leverage insurance and operational experts ensures operational planning and processes are documented accordingly. Proper documentation practices work hand in hand with risk mitigation to assist in potential litigation and making sure all documents are stored, managed, and revised accurately.

Red Team Operations

Red Teaming involves simulating real-world attackers’ tactics, procedures, and techniques to evaluate an organizations security stance. With event risks constantly evolving and changing, Red Team Testing is an effective tool for events and venues to test security and identify any gaps within the plans in place. It includes a physical penetration to the security methods protection of an organization’s facility, assets, employees, and guests.

This testing can provide an unbiased perspective on an event security plan and more effectively identify flaws and weaknesses that could have been overlooked by members of the organization. Because it is a simulation that mimics real life, potential risks and vulnerabilities can be dealt with before a real life situation was to occur. Challenges brought to light by Red Team testing can also foster creativity and new ideas leading to more effective decision-making. The results of the testing can create a more resistant and adaptable organization which reduces risk for the organization overall.

Mitigate Risks & Ensure Compliance with the Help of Our Team!

SecurEvent Solutions provides expert compliance solutions to events and venues of all shapes and sizes to ensure every guest and employee is provided peace of mind and the event is executed safely. Our compliance solutions will ensure your organization has an established document rhythm, proper physical security methods in place, and an effective risk management plan in place.

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