Preakness Stakes 148

Preakness Stakes 148

Preakness Stakes 148

The 2023 Preakness Stakes 148 was held on Friday May 19th and Saturday May 20th at Pimlico Racecourse in Baltimore, Maryland. Every year, this event features the finest contenders in Thoroughbred horse racing to compete for a total of $2.6 million in purse winnings. Not only does Preakness bring in horse racing lovers, but it also brings in music and fashion lovers as well. With 147 years behind it, Preakness Stakes has been a major event for quite some time, and it only seems to grow in popularity over the years.

Securing Special Events

Special events like horse races don’t happen as often as common events such as concerts, conferences, and traditional sporting events like football games. Ensuring the safety of an event like this can make the process seem particularly challenging. Infrequent and special events like horse races have their own special requirements for a safe and secure event.

Just like with any other type of event, a security plan must be put in place, and the resources must be allocated to make sure the plan can be properly executed. Minimizing event risk means customizing your approach to the unique and specific needs of the event, which can be done through hiring an external provider that is experienced with event security solutions. It is important to choose a team with knowledge in the industry so that they have the ability to “turn their experience to deliver a security program that’s robust and tailored to the specific event”.

Having a security team that has a diverse background and extensive experience gives you as the event planner peace of mind that your event will run smoothly, and guests will leave satisfied. Factors your security team will consider when planning and executing a security plan for your event include:

  • Maintaining constant vigilance
  • Securing the outside of the venue
  • Incorporating several layers of security
  • Maintaining good communication with staff and attendees
  • Adopting a unified approach

Incorporating these elements into a security plan ensures your event risks are properly mitigated and accounted for. Event managers can rest easy knowing that your event will run smoothly, and that when situations could arise, there will be a plan in place to handle them.

Another Year of Securing Memories

The team at SecurEvent Solutions was grateful for the opportunity to return to Preakness Stakes to provide security solutions again this year. By partnering with The Stronach Group, 1/ST Bet, and the Maryland Jockey Club, our team was able to credential just under 6,000 people, to provide over 25,000 wristbands for guests, and to ensure the event was safe and secure for everyone in attendance.

The team spent nearly 4 months on the project, and 9 days on site equipping the venue, training staff, and creating, then executing an effective security plan. No matter your event size or type, our team has the expertise and dedication to provide security solutions that drive real results.

Contact us today to plan security solutions that fit every type of event:

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