Maximizing Risk Mitigation for a Variety of Events

Maximizing Risk Mitigation for a Variety of Events

Maximizing Risk Mitigation for a Variety of Events

Events of all kinds and sizes have a growing list of threats that must be accounted for when planning an event that is safe for staff and guests. The location of the event, the size, and the type will help to determine the number of risks that need to be mitigated. Safety risks such as malfunctions with event and production equipment, poor crowd management, transportation management issues, staff safety, and more can all lead to serious issues if not planned and accounted for.

Prioritizing Guest Safety

When a guest contributes time and money to an event, the intent is to enjoy the experience without concerns for safety. To ensure your guests leave your event satisfied, the proper security measures must be put into place. Including crowd management in your event security planning ensures the crowd never exceeds the capacity limit and guests behave in an appropriate manner throughout the entirety of the event. This is especially important for larger events with mass gatherings such as concerts and festivals.

Having the proper ingress and egress design operations put in place is also essential in keeping your event guests safe. Utilizing the proper technology at event entrances and exits to screen guests for weapons along with increasing guest throughput speed increases the overall safety of the event and efficiency. SecurEvent Solution’s team screened approximately 10,000 guests daily at the Excision music festival held at the Downtown Las Vegas Events Center. Working with the DTLVEC team, we designed entry check points that increased operational efficiency and the experience of guests.

Transportation to and from your event is also another aspect of event safety. Offering transportation services to your guests not only improves their overall satisfaction with the event, but also their safety.  Having transportation mapped out before the event and the appropriate parking, signage, and pedestrian access on site will help to manage traffic and get guests to the event in a safe and timely manner.

Security & Safety Support

Having a team who are experts in event security to work alongside your own team can better mitigate your event risks and ensure your staff is prepared for any incidents. At Preakness 147, our team of experts provided an on site security director along with project managers and area/ gate managers. This security support resulted in a safer event for attendees along with a 52% reduction in screening staff required, resulting in reduced labor costs.

Our team also performs staff training and coaching to provide event staff with the resources and knowledge to better protect event guests. Our team proved this to be effective with our partner Hard Rock Stadium, which works a diversified rosters of events held at the venue every year. Having properly trained and coached staff in conjunction with effective crowd management planning, screening procedures, and ingress & egress design, your staff and guests will have peace of mind when it comes to safety and security.

Custom Security Operations for Your Event

SecurEvent Solutions understands that every event has its own set of unique security needs. That’s why we develop custom security solutions for every event we work with a goal to mitigate risks and keep event attendees and staff safe. We offer a wide range of services that cover an event’s security from beginning to end. Through our process of merging operations, sales, experience, and culture, we give your event guests the ability to curate lasting memories. 

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