Increasing Screening Efficiency at the Excision Music Festival

Increasing Screening Efficiency at the Excision Music Festival

Increasing Screening Efficiency at the Excision Music Festival

The Excision Music Festival has grown in popularity the last five years, launching multiple large-scale festival productions that over 100,000 dedicated fans attended. Excision has headlined massive crowds at festivals across the globe and came to the Downtown Las Vegas Events Center (DTLVEC) in July of 2021.

The Downtown Las Vegas Events Center is in the heart of Downtown Las Vegas Nevada and is a hotspot for locals and visitors due to the surrounding hotels, top casinos, and award-winning restaurants. The venue is home to the biggest and most popular outdoor concerts, festivals, and special events in Las Vegas and hosts corporate events, meetings, and special events. The main venue has a capacity of up to 11,000 people with the total available space having a capacity to host 20,000 people.

Safety & Security Planning

Ingress and egress design determines how efficiently guests can get in and out of the venue and can be a large determinant of the safety of an event. To accommodate for the large number of guests attending the music festival each day, the SecurEvent Solutions team ensured there was a well-thought out and executed ingress and egress design plan along with the proper screening procedures to accommodate that design in order for the event to run smoothly.

Safety & Security Support

SecurEvent Solutions also provided gate managers to ensure the ingress and egress design was operating efficiently and guests were making it safely through the screening process, into the event, and then leaving the event in a timely fashion.

Proper staff training and coaching was also provided to the team to ensure staff were properly equipped for the job and familiar with the event security plans and procedures.

Technology Solutions

With Excision Music Festival being such a popular event and the DTLVEC having such a large guest capacity, having an efficient means of weapons screening ensured guests were safe while also increasing guest throughput speed. With the goal of screening around 10,000 general admission guests daily, the SecurEvent Solutions team worked with EvenTech Solutions Experts to deploy EvenTech System’s OPENGATE® advanced weapon screening technology at the entry points of the venue.  

Increasing Screening Efficiency at the Excision Music Festival

The OPENGATE® system is designed for non-interrupted entry into any event or building. Guests do not need to empty their pockets of keys or phones or remove bags and backpacks when walking through the OPENGATE® pillars. The technology is specific to detecting “Mass Casualty Metal Threats” such as full-size handguns, IED devices, and other high caliber weapons.

Traditional metal detectors have experienced several problems over the past fifty years, with the biggest being slow throughput of guests being screened. OPENGATE ® has advanced electromagnetics to provide zero nuisance alarms for common event guest items, increasing the speed of entry for guests without sacrificing on event security. The pillars are also easy to set up and extremely mobile, requiring no cords and weighing close to 25 pounds per pillar.

The Result

SecurEvent Solutions worked with DTLVEC based on brand, size, scope, and budget to create an event security plan that increased operational efficiency and the experience of guests coming to the facility.

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