Implementing New Security Standards at Art Basel

Implementing New Security Standards at Art Basel

Implementing New Security Standards at Art Basel

From June 17-20, 2021, SecurEvent Solutions partnered with Miami Beach Convention Center to design and deploy new security standards for the Art Basel show in Miami Beach Florida. This marked the first week of Art Basel’s events after the Covid-19 pandemic and it brought in around 60,000 people including dealers, gallerists, artists, art writers, and art aficionados from all around the world to browse the more than $50 billion contemporary art fair.

With such expensive exhibits like those at Art Basel, art galleries pose challenges and security risks that are unique and can be difficult to prevent without the assistance and guidance of specialized event security professionals. The potential threat of burglaries, robberies, and vandalism are crimes that art gallery managers must consider when managing elaborate and expensive exhibits/ galleries.

Implementing New Security Standards at Art Basel

Security Threats

With the strain of the pandemic still affecting many museums and galleries, there were fewer staff and less security measures in place, making these locations more vulnerable to threats.


Political protests, accidents, upset guests, and even a group of teenagers playing a prank are all situations that can result in vandalism of valuable works of art. Paintings and sculptures can be easily damaged when art gallery guests are not being constantly monitored or screened.


Without proper security measures, a vulnerable art gallery or museum could be easily taken advantage of, resulting in the loss of hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars. “Nearly $725.5 million worth of art was stolen in the U.S. in a five-year span,” according to Protecting valuables from theft requires a thorough safety and security plan, management, and support. Incorporating the proper after-hours security is also a priority at galleries and museums considering most art theft occurs while these locations are closed.

Large Crowds

Access control at public art galleries and museums can be a challenge, especially with large crowds like in Miami Beach. Maintaining clear surveillance in busy areas is important to be able to monitor and track suspicious individuals. Monitoring how many people enters and exits the venue, having proper screening procedures in place, and having staff manage the crowds can ensure the event is safe at all times.

The SecurEvent Solution

SecurEvent Solutions deployed an extensive operational design strategy and implementation of guest screening systems with the assistance of the Miami Beach Convention Center.

The first component of the security SecurEvent Solutions implemented was a Safety and Security Plan that consisted of:

  • Ingress & Egress Design
  • Emergency Operations Planning
  • Crowd Management
  • Screening Policies

These components ensured that every security measure was planned and accounted for. Ingress and Egress Design ensures guests can safely and efficiently enter and exit the gallery venue. Crowd management then ensures those guests don’t overcrowd certain exhibits or areas. Screening policies ensure no prohibited items or weapons get brought into the venue. Emergency operations planning then equips the security staff with strict procedures to follow in the case of any emergency.

 The SecurEvent Solutions Safety and Security Management consisted of:

  • Staff training
  • Operational post orders
  • Screening system procedures

With the proper staff training, post orders, and screening procedures in place, the event security operations at the convention center moved effectively and efficiently.

SecurEvent Solutions Safety & Security Support services worked alongside Technology Solutions to ensure that all gates to enter and exit the venue were monitored and screened using gate managers and OPENGATE’s Advanced Weapons Detection units.

The Results

The 2021 Art Basel in Miami Beach Florida was a safe and successful event for art lovers to attend thanks to SecurEvent Solutions event safety planning and management. To learn even more about the systems and solutions implemented by SecurEvent Solutions and to get a custom security plan, contact us at 763-226-4162 or visit our website!

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