Creating Lasting Memories for Guests at the 2023 Pegasus Cup

Creating Lasting Memories for Guests at the 2023 Pegasus Cup

Creating Lasting Memories for Guests at the 2023 Pegasus Cup

On Saturday, January 28th, 2023, 10,000 guests attended the 2023 Pegasus World Cup at Gulfstream Park in Hallandale Beach. Florida. The Pegasus World Cup has established itself as South Florida’s leading luxury sports and lifestyle event of the year. Over the past six years it continually attracts everyone from A-list celebrities, fashion icons, influencers, and passionate fans wanting to attend the event of the year.

Improving Year After Year

The SecurEvent team provided security services to the event in 2022 and was ecstatic to return in 2023 to provide an expanded range of services to ensure the event was even better than last year. This year the team came in to serve as the event experts to blend Gulfstream Park’s 24/7 security program into a race day of a larger event magnitude.

SecurEvent Solution’s expert team provided a full scope of services from the event security planning to the execution phase. This consisted of consulting, technology, compliance, and transportation services to ensure the event was fully secure and operational. The team also managed all onsite security teams to ensure staff was deployed on time, in the correct areas, and had the proper training.

Front-end guest screening equipment was implemented as well as a fully integrated command center located on site. This center combined law enforcement, fire rescue, internal security, and executive protection, as well as the emergency operations side. This brought a unified presence on site to plan out and execute the security aspect working with the Gulfstream Park team.  

Special Event Security & Safety

An event is normally considered a special event if it is hospitality or entertainment-based, pertaining to a more social nature rather than business of nature. These events usually include sporting events, public events, private events, fairs, and festivals. National sporting events such as the Pegasus World Cup typically consist of the main sporting event along with secondary events such as opening ceremonies, charity previews, sponsor parties, award ceremonies, along with additional hospitality events.

Special events require the same amount of security and planning as any other type of event and keeping staff and guests safe should always be the number one priority. An emergency action plan needs to be in place as well as security screenings and access control to ensure safety for staff and guests throughout the duration of the event.

Creating Lasting Memories for Guests at the 2023 Pegasus Cup

A Meaningful Partnership

At SecurEvent Solutions we are grateful to work with amazing partners such as Gulfstream Park to produce events that are memorable and successful. The Founder of SecurEvent Solutions, Joshua Field, shares his gratitude of partnership working the Pegasus Cup stating, “we’ve been incredibly blessed to have great partners here at Gulfstream Park, 1/ST BET, and Astronics Group. They really exemplify what we look for when we talk about partnerships”.

Our team ensures that our goals align with our partners in order for us to work towards a unified goal. Our security experts want to be a part of our partners team to make sure every event we work is the best it can be.

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