Case Study: Miami Formula 1 Grand Prix

Case Study: Miami Formula 1 Grand Prix

From May 6-8, 2022, racing fans gathered under the hot Florida sun at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens to witness the inaugural Miami Formula 1 Grand Prix. Tens of thousands of people attended the three-day racing event, making this the largest event ever held at the stadium, eclipsing even Super Bowl LIV in size and scope.

In today’s environment, however, large gatherings like this can be extremely vulnerable to those looking to cause harm. For this reason, SecurEvent Solutions partnered with the Formula 1 Miami Grand Prix event organizers to ensure a safe and enjoyable event for event workers and all those in attendance, while ensuring that organizers were protected from potential liability in the event of an incident.


The first and most obvious challenge presented to security personnel by the event was the sheer scale.  Simply processing the massive number of attendees would prove to be a logistical challenge of its own. Attendees were spread out over a massive area, engaging in the huge variety of entertainment and amenities provided at the event. These included internationally renowned restaurant partners, live music from artists including House DJ/producer Kygo, art showcases, and of course the racing events themselves.

The second major challenge was tied into the first. If security personnel were to be deployed, there remained the problem of ensuring that the whole team was coordinated and informed under a unified command and control system. With events of this scale, it is always imperative that resources and personnel be able to be quickly and efficiently allocated to where they are most needed.

Like any event of this scale, there was the added challenge of screening each of the guests and any bags they brought with them for potential threats, most especially firearms and IEDs (improvised explosive devices).

All of the policies, procedures, and technologies in the world are ultimately useless if not utilized by personnel on the ground at the time. Enforcing and ensuring compliance by personnel with the procedures is an often-overlooked aspect of event security management.

The SecurEvent Solution

SecurEvent Solutions implemented a full complement of security planning and management solutions for the Miami Grand Prix. Initial steps were taken to split the event into eight distinct operational zones. This permitted the central command unit to assign personnel and resources to the appropriate sectors, adapting as the event progressed and requirements changed.

“Through our trademark combination of top-of-the-line technology and operational organization, our team was able to provide the first annual Miami Grand Prix with the security needed to make sure it was a safe and successful event.”
– Robyn Field, Director of Operations, SecureEvent Solutions

This command center also ensured that the security workforce had complete unity of command and ensured that the team always had a complete understanding of what was happening in each operational zone at the event.

To tackle the challenge of screening guests for weapons, SecurEvent Solutions implemented a number of technological solutions at entrances to the event, including OPENGATE® Advanced Weapons Detection units, Smiths Detection X-Ray units, and numerous explosive detection devices. These units are all designed to be as effective and non-intrusive as possible, so that guests can be quickly and effectively processed before entering the event.

SecurEvent Solutions deployed compliance teams throughout the event to ensure that all personnel complied with the procedures and technology that was put into place. Rigorous after-action reporting was also conducted with the team.


The inaugural Miami Formula 1 proved to be a safe and resounding success, with event planning for next year already kicking into high gear. To learn even more about the systems and solutions that implemented by SecurEvent Solutions, contact us at 763-226-4162 or visit our website!

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